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Nov 20, 2012 11:00pm EST
are very heavily dependent on property taxes and property values are far from the cupboard where they were and often assessments like behind what's going on with property values so we can expect continued decline some local school funding. at the federal level in the last couple years we've had a billion and a half dollars and cut to education programs. at the higher levels from the federal government has been restrictions on eligibility for the pell grant program. there's been restrictions on the student run program. so over the last couple years college students have contributed about four and a half billion dollars out of their pockets to his deficit reduction. so we've had thoughts of things squeezing us at different levels. we are now facing biggest threat through sequestered. janet mentioned the fiscal cliff in one part of the fiscal cliff is these across-the-board spending cuts to take effect january 2nd. it's going to be an 8.2% across-the-board cut in education, job training and health, housing, fbi, air traffic controllers from the food safety, entire range of domestic programs.
Nov 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
as much as anything else because suddenly that 25% unemployment capital gains tax couldn't exist any longer between 19211. so the government is broke running on fumes, where can you get some revenue? the prohibition before the income tax level. as much as 40% no one wants to seem to pay taxes and legislate taxes, so that is. if somebody wants something they can purchase it or say to the federal ground and both we will get richer so it is an interesting parallel petraeus pnac there is a difference between alcohol and marijuana. one has a certain cultural tradition that transcends a generation. marijuana perhaps not the same edition. what lessons can you draw? >> kuran absolutely right. it was an integral part of some one of the center for of millennia before prohibition. there are indigenous people in this country but it was not as antonette in the life and society also it was today than 50 years ago and there's a generational issue wow were people who grew up with the presence of marijuana whether the appreciated it or not was back in the 1950's. >> what's interesting about the drug
Nov 26, 2012 11:00pm EST
with the lower federal courts. here in texas if the federal court says you can deduct a expense and tax returns but in new york face a that you can the answer has to be the same. we're the only court to make it the same. matter how picayune bordeaux the question that is the case we take. is not our job to correct errors. we get 9,000 petitions per year we don't look it each one to determine if it is right or wrong but to provide uniformity. where it active congress has been declared unconstitutional we will often take that. congress should hear it from us. not always but it is not the amount of money but schoolchildren come by and that is horribly wrong. should you take it? no. the less likely other courts will follow and less need for us to fix it. dealing with constitutionality and backs of congress and uniformity of loss. >> the next question is in two parts the executive and legislative branches are political and public but the support is not a do talk about how would this nonpolitical is the public institution in any respect with televised arguments it is a less transparent political insti
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3